23 June 2009

3 weeks old....

Ethan at 3 weeks
3 weeks

in deep thought:)

cuddle time

Ethan is now 3 weeks old! We celebrated this morning by going on a family walk! I would say it was our first "long" walk where I actually broke a sweat and wore my nike workout shorts.....and it felt great!!!! I can't wait until we are cruising the park with Ethan's buddies....Kellen and Paxton and their mom Courtney! I'm still nervous when we venture outside of our home without the comforts of swings, vibrating chairs, bassinets, sound machines, etc. I never knew I would be so dependent on all the baby "stuff" that you register for and wonder if you'll actually need. Well.....we needed it and use it daily!!!! Just the other day David said he was sending Fisher Price a thank you letter for helping our son sleep for 3-4 hours!

Daddy's 1st....

Ethan's card to Daddy
Daddy's new Maui Jims
Ethan's onesie read "I love Daddy"

Daddy's gift and cards

Ethan, Alex, and Moli all wish their Daddy a "Happy Father's Day!" I know I'm blessed to have a husband who is such a wonderful father! We would like to wish our fathers and grandfather a Happy Father's Day too!

20 June 2009

poopy polo....

Daddy's Poopy Polo
sweet dreams

hanging out with daddy

nap time with Mommy

Ethan in the morning...."hi guys"

napping after a long day of photos!!!!

Today we had a photographer come to our house to shoot Ethan's newborn photos. It started a little "runny" when we were doing a few naked baby pictures and Ethan pooed on Daddy's just-took-the-tag-off white polo! It's a good thing Daddy had a back up in his closet! Mommy soon afterward got peed on as well!!! We can't wait to see the pictures!

16 June 2009

the best 2 weeks....

Ethan at 2 weeks
playing in my crib!

i love my doggie pillow in my crib

Today Ethan bear is 2 weeks old! I get teary just thinking about the day he was born and how it seems as though it was just yesterday. Every day goes faster than the day before. My friends have warned me how fast times goes...they have been right!
Today was the first day I've been home with Ethan without visitors or his Nana or Grandma here (his daddy was working). So far so good (but we still have a few hours to go)! Our plans for an afternoon stroll were derailed by a few summer thunderstorms. No big deal except Alex was nervous nelly for an hour or so!

12 June 2009


Ethan's Crib
the sign reads "you are what happened when we wished upon a star"

my new favorite place to be!

3 little words...

Life Is Good....

Ethan 10 Days OldEthan and my friend Carlye

Ethan and my friend Jax

Ethan and Aunt Jessica


My friend Christina

Ethan's first playdate! Courtney's boys....Paxton (L) and Kellen (R)

Alex checking in on Ethan

Ethan hanging out with his friends!

Ethan Day of Life 10

Mommy and Ethan (notice my shirt!)

Ethan Day of Life 6

Ethan and Grandma

Ethan and Nana

09 June 2009

look who's one....week that is!

Ethan's first pediatrician appointment

in the car on the way to our pediatrician

Ethan 1 week old

Ethan and his Papa

Wide awake after our bath

little love bug

Ethan and Mommy

nap time

Today Ethan is officially one week old. I'm amazed at how fast this week has passed. We have been covered in love and support from friends and family. You all have kept us well fed and loved....a big thank you to all of you.

We gave his first "at home" bath the night before his pediatrician appointment. He did very well! He seemed to like it....especially the ultra soft polo bath towel from Grandma! Needless to say mommy needed a bath afterwards from the pee that occurred just before putting little necked Ethan in his tub! I've never laughed so hard or been so happy to be soaked in pee!

Ethan had his first followup appointment at the pediatrician's office. He had gained one ounce since his discharge weight! Good job little man! He now weighs 8 pounds 8 ounces.

While Daddy was working and Nana was grocery shopping, I decided to try out the new wheels....the stroller! Ethan loved it! I can't wait until I have more energy to go for longer walks with him.

06 June 2009


Home from the Hospital
Leaving the Hospital

Right after Delivery....I can't take my eyes off him

I Just a few more minutes until we meet our little man

Trying to check in the hospital...

72+ hours old

24 hours old

12 hours old

We are over the moon and past cloud 9 to announce ...........
Ethan Wyatt Anderson
He was born on June the 2nd at 3:13 pm and weighed 9 pounds and 1 ounce, 21 inches long. Ethan and I are doing great! Alex has become Ethan's guardian already and Moli is glad we are home!