26 April 2012

do you Zoku?

The Easter Bunny brought me a new Zoku Freezer Pop maker.  Ethan and I have had the best time making homemade Popsicles.  If you were the type that made your own baby food...I bet you'll love this.  

First of all...they are healthy.  Our first pop was made entirely of blackberries, blueberries, and bananas with a splash of juice.  Second of all...it is really fun and will be perfect for summer!  

I would suggest getting the "cookbook" for the zoku maker.  It has a huge variety of pop recipes...even some for adult beverages.  I would also suggest getting the larger zoku maker where you can make 3 pops at time.  That way you can freeze the extra pops and save time.  

Ethan loves cooking so this a fun way to get him into kitchen to make healthy treats.  I must admit...I'm kinda addicted too!  You can get the accessories kit to give your pops faces, etc.  We are just getting the hang of it and haven't tried this yet.  Thanks Mum...we love it!  

Ethan helping with the pureeing

You can add whole fruit pieces to each pop like bananas

or lemon slices

watch it freeze before your eyes
and enjoy!  Lemonade pop....yummy!


The Gannons said...

We have this, too! My brother gave it to me this past Christmas. I haven't tried it yet- good to know it works!

Nana/aka Mum said...

I am so glad you guys enjoy this...Ethan should advertise for this...he makes the lemon popcicle look so good (oh what can I say...he makes anything look good). PS: you are welcome HUGS, KISSES WITH LOTS OF LOVE!

kcochrane said...

Ooh. I need this. It looks like a lot of fun. Where did Nana/akaMum:) get it from?