23 April 2012

Mr. Bennett at 2 months...

My sweet Bennett is 2 months old already.  We acquired his nickname "Mr. Bennett" on his second day of life in the hospital.  I'm not sure if it was me or our nurse who called him that first.  

Bennett, at 2 months you are growing so quickly before my eyes.  You were 73 percentile for weight and 75 percentile for length at your 2 month check up.  You are wearing 3 months sizes, but not for long!  You love to coo and I am predicting you will be a "chatty" baby.  Your smiles are the biggest in the morning.  You will be fussing and I will start to talk to you and you turn your pout into a smile and bat those eyes at me.   We both stop:  you smile and I laugh!  Melts my heart.  

You had your first "perfect" stretch of sleeping from 10p to 6a at 6 weeks.  You are trying soooo hard to find your thumb to suck on.  I am encouraging your pacifier until you find that thumb!  

Ethan calls you Bennett Stone and loves to kiss your head and give you tickles.  You track him with your eyes all the time.  You love to be strolled along side him while he rides his tricycle.  I must say you love to be strolled around!  You seem happiest outside and spend a lot of time outside to be so little!  

Your eyes sure do look like they might be blue...but who knows!  Your hair is starting to grow in a little lighter in the front as well.  I think you look like mommy as a baby, and Daddy thinks you look like him as a baby!  

 8 week chair photos

I think you look like me, and Daddy thinks you look like him!   

you finally got that bird!  


Nana/aka Mum said...

Sweet Sweet Bennett....Oh my, how precious are you? Let me count the ways...(1 your smile makes Nana's heart so happy (2 your big blues eyes remind me so much of your mommy (3 you make some of the cutest faces ever (4 and tell your daddy that I think you look like your mommy (5 and you and your big brother just make your Nana the happiest she has ever been! Lots of Love, Hugs and Kisses for you and Ethan.. Nana loves you precious boys so much...